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Looking for a strong and lightweight mountain ebike with impressive performance? Look no further than the ASYNC H7 XC! This amazing ebike features a mid-drive motor, a wide range of gears, and a throttle for an exhilarating ride. With its low center of mass and balanced battery placement, this bike offers excellent stability and maneuverability. Its carbon fiber frame and Ananda M100 mid-drive motor make it powerful, while the tubeless 27.5-inch wide tires and Tektro 180mm disc brakes provide superior traction and control. Whether you’re tackling steep hills or enjoying a thrilling downhill ride, the ASYNC H7 XC delivers an enjoyable and responsive riding experience. The video review by TailHappyTV discusses the bike’s performance and the content creator offers a discount code for viewers to show support. So, if you’re in need of an incredible ebike, don’t miss out on the chance to support an amazing content creator and enjoy a fantastic ride!


Welcome to the comprehensive article on the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike! In this article, we will provide an overview of the bike, discuss its features and benefits, and delve into the performance it offers. We will also explore the torque sensor and Ananda M100 Mid-drive motor, key components and specifications, and the overall riding experience and performance. Additionally, we will touch upon the importance of supporting content creators and express our gratitude to viewers. So let’s dive in and discover all the fantastic aspects that make the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike a top choice for mountain and hybrid ebike enthusiasts!

Overview of the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike

The ASYNC H7 XC Ebike is a powerful and lightweight mountain and hybrid ebike that boasts a wide range of gears and a mid-drive motor. With its throttle, torque sensor, and 48v 20ah battery, this bike delivers an exceptional riding experience. The low center of mass and well-balanced battery placement ensure excellent balance and maneuverability. Additionally, the carbon fiber frame and the Ananda M100 Mid-drive motor, capable of 500 watts nominal and 28 miles per hour, contribute to the bike’s exceptional performance.

Features of the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike

The ASYNC H7 XC Ebike comes equipped with a range of impressive features. It features tubeless 27.5 x 2.8-inch wide tires that provide excellent traction and stability. The Tektro 180mm disc brakes offer reliable stopping power, ensuring a safe riding experience in various terrains. The Suntour XCR 34 Air Suspension with 120mm of travel allows for a smooth and comfortable ride, while the Shimano Dior Groupset components ensure precise shifting with its 11-speed cassette. The bike also includes a thumb throttle and battery lock for added convenience and security. The display features battery percentage, motor wattage, trip distance, and other useful information.

Benefits of the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike

The ASYNC H7 XC Ebike offers several benefits to its riders. It provides excellent off-road performance, thanks to its robust construction and the capabilities of the Ananda M100 Mid-drive motor. The bike feels lightweight and nimble compared to other fat tire e-bikes, making it a joy to ride. The tubeless tires, along with the Tektro disc brakes, provide exceptional traction and control in various riding conditions. The carbon fiber frame not only helps absorb impact but also keeps the bike lightweight, offering a comfortable and exciting riding experience. Furthermore, the bike offers good range and a long-lasting battery, ensuring extended and enjoyable rides.

Performance of the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike

The ASYNC H7 XC Ebike delivers outstanding performance on various terrains. A real-world example of its performance can be seen in a Santa Monica Mountains ride, where the bike tackled a four-mile climb with a 1,000 feet elevation gain, followed by a thrilling downhill ride. The bike’s torque sensor and mid-drive motor proved invaluable in assisting the rider during the climb. The bike’s handling and acceleration were highly commendable, making maneuvering through different trails and obstacles a breeze. The traction and control provided by the brakes and tires ensured a safe and enjoyable ride. Additionally, the carbon fiber frame helped absorb impact and kept the bike lightweight, adding to its performance capabilities.

The Torque Sensor and Ananda M100 Mid-drive Motor

What is a Torque Sensor?

A torque sensor is a device that measures the amount of force applied to the pedals by the rider. It detects the pressure exerted and provides assistance from the motor based on the rider’s input. The torque sensor on the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike, known as The Async H7, is a vital component that enhances the riding experience. It ensures a seamless and intuitive riding experience by providing assistance proportionate to the rider’s effort.

Advantages of a Torque Sensor

A torque sensor offers several advantages over other types of sensors commonly found in ebikes. Firstly, it provides a more natural and intuitive riding experience as the assistance is directly proportional to the rider’s effort. This means that the motor automatically adjusts its output depending on how hard the rider is pedaling. Secondly, a torque sensor allows for smoother and more seamless power delivery, as it responds instantly to changes in pedaling force. This ensures a consistent and efficient ride. Lastly, a torque sensor helps conserve battery power by optimizing the assistance provided based on the rider’s input, resulting in better range and longer battery life.

Ananda M100 Mid-drive Motor

The Ananda M100 Mid-drive motor is a key component of the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike, delivering impressive power and performance. With a nominal power output of 500 watts and a top speed of 28 miles per hour, this mid-drive motor ensures a thrilling and exhilarating ride. Its smooth and responsive nature allows for precise control and seamless power delivery. Paired with the ASYNC H7 torque sensor, the Ananda M100 Mid-drive motor optimizes the riding experience, providing assistance when needed and delivering power efficiently.

Components and Specifications

The ASYNC H7 XC Ebike comes equipped with various components and specifications that contribute to its exceptional performance and functionality.

Tubeless 27.5 x 2.8 inch Tires

The bike features tubeless 27.5 x 2.8 inch wide tires, providing excellent traction and stability in various terrains. These wide tires are capable of handling off-road terrain with ease, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride.

Tektro 180mm Disc Brakes

To ensure reliable and efficient stopping power, the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike is equipped with Tektro 180mm disc brakes. These brakes offer superior braking performance, allowing riders to navigate steep descents and challenging trails with confidence.

Suntour XCR 34 Air Suspension

The bike features a Suntour XCR 34 Air Suspension with 120mm of travel, providing a comfortable and cushioned ride. This adjustable suspension allows riders to customize their riding experience and adapt to different terrains and trail conditions.

Shimano Dior Groupset Components

The ASYNC H7 XC Ebike utilizes Shimano Dior Groupset components, known for their precision and reliability. With 11 speeds on the cassette, riders can smoothly transition between gears, enabling optimal performance in various riding situations.

Thumb Throttle and Battery Lock

For added convenience and control, the bike is equipped with a thumb throttle. This feature allows riders to engage the motor without pedaling, providing an extra burst of power when needed. Additionally, the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike features a battery lock, ensuring the security of the battery during rides and preventing unauthorized access.

Display Features

The display of the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike offers various features that enhance the riding experience. It shows the battery percentage, wattage of the motor, trip distance, and other useful information. The display is easy to read and provides riders with valuable insights into their ride, allowing them to monitor their performance and manage battery usage effectively.

Riding Experience and Performance

To fully understand the capabilities and performance of the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike, let’s explore a real-world riding experience and compare it to other ebikes.

Santa Monica Mountains Ride

During a ride in the Santa Monica Mountains, the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike demonstrated its prowess in tackling challenging terrains. With a four-mile climb and a roller coaster-like downhill ride, this bike showcased its performance capabilities. The torque sensor and mid-drive motor provided seamless assistance during the climb, making it easier for the rider to conquer the elevation gain. The handling and acceleration of the bike were highly praised, allowing for a smooth and enjoyable riding experience throughout the journey.

Comparison to Other Ebikes

Compared to other ebikes, the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike stands out in terms of its lightweight and nimble characteristics. It feels noticeably lighter and more responsive, making it a delight to maneuver in various riding conditions. The 27.5-inch tall tires, coupled with the torque sensor, offer an excellent balance of control and power, ensuring a confident and thrilling ride. The Ananda mid-drive motor provides smooth and responsive power delivery, further enhancing the riding experience.

Handling and Acceleration

The handling and acceleration of the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike are exceptional. The lightweight nature of the bike, combined with the optimized weight distribution and low center of mass, contributes to its nimble and agile handling. Riders can effortlessly navigate turns and obstacles with precision and confidence. The torque sensor and mid-drive motor provide seamless assistance when accelerating, resulting in a smooth and controlled ride.

Traction and Control

The combination of the bike’s tubeless tires and Tektro disc brakes ensures excellent traction and control. The wide tires provide ample grip on various surfaces, allowing riders to confidently tackle off-road trails and challenging terrains. The Tektro disc brakes deliver reliable stopping power, enhancing safety and control during descents and sudden stops. With this bike, riders can maintain stability and easily maneuver through different riding conditions.

Impact Absorption

Thanks to its carbon fiber frame, the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike offers excellent impact absorption. The frame helps absorb vibrations and impacts, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. Additionally, the carbon fiber construction keeps the bike lightweight, further enhancing its handling and overall performance.

Good Range and Lightweight

One of the standout features of the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike is its good range and lightweight design. The bike offers a generous range, allowing riders to enjoy extended rides without worrying about running out of battery power. The lightweight nature of the bike not only contributes to its nimble handling but also ensures an easy and enjoyable riding experience.

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In conclusion, the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike is a powerful and lightweight mountain and hybrid ebike that offers exceptional features and benefits. With its torque sensor and Ananda M100 Mid-drive motor, this bike delivers a seamless and intuitive riding experience. The components and specifications, such as the tubeless tires, Tektro disc brakes, Suntour air suspension, Shimano Dior Groupset components, and various other features, contribute to the bike’s outstanding performance. The riding experience and performance of the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike are highly commendable, with the bike handling and accelerating effortlessly, providing excellent traction and control, and offering impact absorption. Finally, supporting content creators is vital to ensure the continued production of valuable and informative content. By supporting content creators, viewers contribute to their success and encourage the growth of the cycling community. So go ahead, support the content creator, and enjoy the incredible riding experience offered by the ASYNC H7 XC Ebike!