Video Review of the Velotric T1: A 100-Mile Journey

What initially seemed like an unappealing concept, e-bikes have won over the author’s skepticism. In this captivating video review of the Velotric T1 e-road bike, the author takes us on a two-day, 100-mile journey from their New York City apartment to their childhood home. The review provides an in-depth look at the bike’s features, performance, and the author’s personal experiences during the ride. From testing the bike’s battery life to facing challenges on the road, the author gives a detailed account of their adventure, offering valuable insights to viewers considering e-bike options. Concluding the review, the author expresses their satisfaction with the Thunder one e-bike and invites feedback on whether viewers would like to see more e-bike adventures.

Video Review of the Velotric T1: A 100-Mile Journey


For years, I didn’t understand the appeal of an e-bike. As someone who didn’t prioritize exercise, I viewed bicycles as a way to work out. The concept of an electric bike seemed counterintuitive, as if it would take away the effort and physicality of cycling. However, as I noticed more e-bikes popping up in the Citi Bike stands around my South Brooklyn neighborhood, I began to realize that e-bikes don’t eliminate exercise but rather give you the ability to choose how much work you want to put in. Intrigued by this concept, I accepted an invitation from Velotric to test out their new e-road bike, the Velotric T1. I decided to take this opportunity to embark on a two-day, 100-mile bike ride from my New York City apartment to my childhood home. Join me, Michael Fisher (MrMobile), on this 100-mile review of the Velotric T1 e-bike!

Initial Impressions of E-bikes

I must admit, I initially lacked a thorough understanding of why people were drawn to e-bikes. It seemed contradictory to the idea of exercise and physical fitness. However, as I witnessed the ever-increasing presence of e-bikes in my neighborhood, I began to appreciate their appeal. E-bikes blend the best of both worlds, offering the option to exert effort while cycling while also providing motor assistance when needed. This realization prompted me to delve into the world of e-bikes and test the Velotric T1 on my 100-mile journey.

Choosing the Velotric T1 for the Journey

Given the opportunity to try out an e-bike, I was eager to select the perfect model for my 100-mile adventure. After careful consideration, I chose the Velotric T1. This e-road bike, designed for urban and beyond, seemed like the ideal companion for my long-distance ride. With its sleek design, promising features, and reputation for quality performance, the Velotric T1 stood out among the competition.

Overview of the Velotric T1

Before diving into the details of my 100-mile journey with the Velotric T1, let’s take a closer look at the bike itself. Formerly known as the Bellatrix Thunder one, the Velotric T1 is an impressive e-bike that offers an array of features and specifications designed to enhance the rider’s experience. Equipped with a 350 watt-hour Samsung battery hidden within the frame’s down tube, the Velotric T1 boasts impressive battery life. The 350-watt motor, cleverly concealed within the rear wheel hub, ensures a smooth and reliable performance. The bike also features a control panel on the top tube, complete with a battery meter, fingerprint scanner, and a ring light. In addition, the Velotric T1 can be controlled and customized through a smartphone app, which adds an extra layer of convenience and control to the riding experience.

Features and Controls

To further explore the Velotric T1’s capabilities, it’s important to highlight its various features and controls. The bike’s control panel, conveniently located on the top tube, allows riders to easily monitor the battery level, adjust the power assistance, and control the LED headlight. The 8-speed gear shift, positioned on the right handlebar, ensures smooth and efficient gear changes. Additionally, the Velotric T1 comes equipped with hydraulic brakes, enhancing safety and providing reliable stopping power. The bike’s smart features, such as the ability to lock and unlock the bike via a smartphone app, add an extra layer of security and convenience for riders. Overall, the Velotric T1 offers a user-friendly and intuitive riding experience.

Modifications for Comfort

To ensure maximum comfort during my 100-mile journey, I made a few modifications to the Velotric T1. One of the most significant upgrades was the seat. By investing in a more comfortable and ergonomic bike seat, I aimed to minimize discomfort and prevent potential soreness during the long ride. Additionally, I added some accessories to enhance the overall experience. These included a frame bag to store essentials, a phone holder for easy access to navigation and communication tools, and padded bike shorts for added comfort. These modifications allowed me to fully enjoy the ride and focus on the journey ahead.

Performance on the Ride

Setting off on my 100-mile journey, I was eager to put the Velotric T1 to the test. The ride took me from Brooklyn to Port Jefferson, covering a distance of 63 miles on the first day. Throughout the adventure, the Velotric T1 performed admirably, handling various road conditions with ease. The bike’s motor assistance proved invaluable, especially when faced with challenging terrain or fatigue. I did encounter some challenges in conserving energy and adjusting to the motor assistance, as it required a shift in mindset and riding technique. However, the Thunder one remained reliable and quiet throughout the journey, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Challenges Faced

No journey is without its challenges, and my 100-mile ride on the Velotric T1 was no exception. As an inexperienced long-distance cyclist, I faced several obstacles along the way. The most significant challenge was my lack of preparedness for hill climbing. This lack of training became apparent when confronted with steep inclines, where I struggled to maintain momentum. Additionally, battery level concerns arose during the ride, as I discovered that I only had enough charge to reach my overnight destination, which was 25 miles away. However, through resourcefulness and the kindness of strangers, I was able to find a charging solution and continue on my journey. Unpredictable weather, including encountering rain and battling strong headwinds, added another layer of difficulty. Despite these challenges, the Thunder one proved to be a capable companion, helping me navigate and endure each obstacle I faced.

Conclusion and Reflections

As my 100-mile journey on the Velotric T1 came to an end, I couldn’t help but reflect on the experience. The Thunder one exceeded my expectations, proving to be a reliable, comfortable, and versatile e-bike. Its performance on various road conditions, quiet operation, and long battery life showcased its impressive capabilities. The journey itself was not without its challenges, but these obstacles only further highlighted the Thunder one’s ability to overcome adversity. I am grateful for the support and assistance I received along the way, both from individuals I encountered and businesses that graciously allowed me to charge my bike. Overall, the Velotric T1 provided a satisfying and fulfilling riding experience.

Acknowledgements and Final Thoughts

Lastly, I would like to express my appreciation and recognition for the individuals and businesses who played a part in making my 100-mile journey a success. Their support, kindness, and assistance made a significant impact on the overall experience. Additionally, I want to emphasize my satisfaction with the Velotric T1 and its overall value for money. It is an excellent e-bike for both urban and long-distance adventures, combining style, performance, and comfort seamlessly. To conclude, I would love to hear your feedback. Would you like to see more e-bike adventures on the channel? Let me know your thoughts and suggestions for future content.