The Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike with a Stylish Moped-like Design

The Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike is a sleek and stylish electric bike that resembles a moped or motorcycle. Available in green and gray, this bike features clean lines and attractive frame cutouts that add to its appeal. With a starting price of $1895 for the hardtail version and $2395 for the full suspension version, the Revv 1 offers a comfortable ride with its high-quality seat and built-in turn signals. It also comes with a 750W motor, providing decent acceleration and power, and has a maximum speed of up to 34 mph when using the throttle only. While it lacks the option to turn off the lights completely, the Revv 1 E-Bike offers a smooth and enjoyable riding experience for those seeking a stylish and reliable electric bike.

The Revv 1 is a versatile electric bike that can accommodate riders between 5’4″ and 6’2″ and support up to 400 pounds. Equipped with 20×4-inch fat tires, it provides a comfortable off-road riding experience with deep treading. The bike’s full suspension ensures control even on bumpy streets, while its hydraulic disc brakes deliver good braking performance. It also features a center storage case for carrying items, or you can mount a water bottle holder or bike lock. With its sleek design, comfortable riding position, and battery compartment for protection, the Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike offers an excellent combination of features and performance.

Design and Features

Stylish Moped-like Design

The Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike features a stylish design that resembles a moped or motorcycle. This unique design sets it apart from traditional bikes and gives it a sleek and modern look. Many people compare it to the popular Super 73 models, and it definitely stands out in a crowd.

Two Color Options

The bike is available in two striking color options: green and gray. The green color gives the bike a fresh and vibrant look, while the gray option appears almost black, especially in sunlight. Whether you prefer a more eye-catching color or a subtle and understated look, you can choose the option that suits your style.

Clean Lines and Attractive Frame Cutouts

One of the standout features of the Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike is its clean lines and attractive frame cutouts. The bike has a well-designed frame with sleek lines that enhance its overall aesthetic appeal. The frame cutouts not only add to the bike’s visual appeal but also contribute to its lightweight design.

Price Options

The Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike offers different price options to cater to different budgets and preferences. The hardtail version, which has front suspension only, starts at $1895. If you prefer a full suspension setup for a more comfortable ride, you can opt for the full suspension version, which starts at $2395. Both versions offer excellent value for money considering the features and performance they provide.

Battery Size and Variations

The battery size of the Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike varies depending on the model you choose. The base model comes with a 52V 15Ah battery, while the more expensive full suspension version has a 52V 20Ah battery. According to Ride1Up, riders can expect a range of 30 to 60 miles depending on factors such as riding style, weight, and the amount of pedal assist used.

High-quality Seat

One of the most notable features of the Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike is its high-quality seat. Unlike many e-bike seats that can be uncomfortable, the Revv 1 comes with a stock seat that provides exceptional comfort. Riders have reported that the seat feels plush and allows for a comfortable riding experience, even on longer journeys.

Built-in Turn Signals and Rear Light

The Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike comes equipped with built-in turn signals and a rear light that doubles as a brake light. This feature adds convenience and enhances safety while riding. The turn signals are built into the rear light, making them easily visible to other road users. However, it would be beneficial if the turn signals had an audible tone or sound to remind riders to turn them off after making a turn.

Informative Display Screen

The bike features a 3.5-inch display screen that provides riders with essential information such as speed, distance, and battery life. While not a color display, the screen is bright enough to be easily readable even in direct sunlight. It offers all the necessary data to keep track of your ride and monitor key metrics.

Bright Front Headlight

The Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike comes with a bright front headlight that adds to its motorcycle-like design. The headlight features both high and low beam modes, allowing riders to adjust the brightness according to their needs. Additionally, the headlight functions as a daytime running light, ensuring excellent visibility even during daylight hours.

750W Motor with Decent Power

The Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike is equipped with a powerful 750W motor that provides decent acceleration and power. With 95 Nm of torque, the motor delivers sufficient torque to support smooth and swift takeoffs. While the motor might not feel as strong as some other models, it offers a great balance between power and efficiency.

Performance and Speed

Throttle-only Speed

When using throttle only, the Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike can reach speeds of up to 34 mph. This impressive top speed makes it a great choice for riders who enjoy the exhilaration of high-speed rides. The bike’s responsive throttle system enables quick acceleration, allowing riders to effortlessly reach their desired speed.

Unlocking Off-road Mode

For those seeking even faster speeds, Ride1Up offers an off-road mode that unlocks higher speeds. To access this mode, riders must contact the company and sign a waiver. This option is recommended for experienced riders who are comfortable riding at higher speeds and in off-road environments.

Preference for Cast Wheels

The Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike comes with cast wheels, which the speaker in the video review prefers over spokes. Cast wheels offer several advantages, including increased strength and durability. They are less prone to damage from impacts and can handle rough terrains with ease. The speaker’s preference for cast wheels highlights their reliability and performance.

Weight and Size Capacity

The Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike is designed to accommodate riders between 5’4″ and 6’2″ and can support weights of up to 400 pounds. This wide range of size and weight capacity makes the bike accessible to a variety of riders. Whether you’re tall or short, heavy or light, you can comfortably ride the Revv 1 without compromising on performance.

Fat Tires for Comfortable Off-road Riding

To ensure a comfortable off-road riding experience, the Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike features 20 by 4-inch fat tires. These wide tires with deep treading provide excellent traction and cushioning, allowing riders to confidently tackle various terrains. Whether you’re navigating through sandy trails or bumpy streets, the fat tires absorb shocks and vibrations, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Full Suspension for Control

The Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike comes with full suspension, making it an excellent choice for riders seeking enhanced control and comfort. The suspension system effectively absorbs bumps and uneven surfaces, allowing riders to maintain stability and control over the bike. No matter the terrain, you can confidently ride the Revv 1 knowing that its full suspension will provide a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Chain Side Frame Protection

To prevent damage from the chain rubbing against the frame, the Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike includes tape for the chain side of the frame. This added protection ensures that the frame remains undamaged and maintains its aesthetic appeal. The inclusion of this tape highlights Ride1Up’s attention to detail and commitment to providing a high-quality and durable product.

Pedaling and Gearing Limitations

While the Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike offers an enjoyable throttle-only riding experience, pedaling without assistance may not be ideal. The bike only has one gear, making it challenging to sustain a comfortable pedaling cadence. Consequently, riders relying solely on pedal power may face limitations, especially if the battery runs out during a ride.

Recommended Pedal Assist Level

To optimize the riding experience, the speaker in the video review recommends riding at a minimum of pedal assist level three. At this level, riders can benefit from the assistance provided by the motor without exerting excessive effort. Choosing the appropriate pedal assist level allows riders to strike a balance between exertion and support, resulting in a comfortable and efficient ride.

Throttle Function at Higher Speeds

When riding at higher speeds, particularly above 25 mph, the speaker in the video review mentions experiencing some ghost pedaling. To maintain control and stability, the speaker prefers to use the throttle function rather than relying solely on pedaling. This preference reflects the bike’s throttle’s ability to deliver maximum power and acceleration in various situations.

Weight and Portability

The Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike weighs approximately 93 pounds, which can make it challenging to carry or load into a truck. Due to its heavier weight, the bike may not be as portable as some lighter e-bike models. However, this weight is relatively standard for e-bikes with similar power and features. Riders should consider their transportation needs and the feasibility of maneuvering a heavier bike.

Design and Functionality

Sleek Design with Storage Options

In addition to its stylish appearance, the Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike offers functional design features. The bike comes with a center storage case that provides ample space for carrying items such as groceries, bags, or personal belongings. Alternatively, riders can utilize the mounted spots on the bike to attach a water bottle holder or a bike lock. This versatility ensures that riders can customize their storage options according to their needs.

Rattling Issue on Rough Terrain

One aspect mentioned in the video review is the potential rattling noise generated from the center cage when riding on rough terrain. While this issue does not impact the bike’s performance or safety, it may be slightly irritating to some riders. However, it is important to note that this could vary depending on individual experiences.

Performance on Hills

The Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike performs admirably on substantial hills. With its powerful 750W motor and peak torque of 1500W, the bike exhibits excellent climbing capabilities. Riders can expect speeds of up to 16 mph while climbing hills, making uphill journeys more manageable and enjoyable. The impressive hill-climbing performance is a testament to the bike’s robust motor and torque delivery.

Powerful Motor and Torque

The Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike boasts a 750W motor with a peak power output of 1500W. This powerful motor provides ample acceleration and torque, enabling riders to effortlessly conquer inclines and challenging terrains. The combination of a high-powered motor and substantial torque ensures that the bike delivers a thrilling and dynamic riding experience.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes and Walking Mode

Equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, the Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike offers excellent braking performance. Hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable and consistent stopping power, enhancing rider safety and control. Additionally, the bike features a walking mode, allowing riders to walk alongside the bike and maneuver it more easily in certain situations. These added features contribute to the bike’s overall functionality and usability.

Front and Rear Fenders for Protection

To protect riders from splashes and mud, the Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike includes front and rear metal fenders. These fenders effectively shield riders from puddles and debris, ensuring a cleaner and more comfortable ride. The inclusion of fenders demonstrates Ride1Up’s commitment to rider convenience and the bike’s versatility across different weather and terrain conditions.

Comfortable Handlebar Grips and Cable Management

The Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike features comfortable handlebar grips that contribute to a pleasant riding experience. The ergonomic design and quality of the grips ensure a secure and comfortable grip for riders, reducing hand fatigue on longer rides. Additionally, the bike’s cable management is well-executed, ensuring that the cables are neatly organized and do not disrupt the handlebar’s overall aesthetics.

Room for Improvement in Cable Management

While the cable management at the front of the bike is well done, there is room for improvement in the cable management at the back. The speaker in the video review notes that the cable organization could be better executed in that area. While this does not affect the bike’s performance, it is an area where Ride1Up could enhance the bike’s overall appearance and functionality.

Clean Look and Aesthetically Pleasing

The Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike exhibits a clean and aesthetically pleasing design. With minimal branding and a sleek frame, the bike exudes a modern and sophisticated vibe. The absence of excessive logos and decals contributes to a clean look and allows the bike to stand out for its design and performance rather than relying on flashy branding.

Comfortable Riding Position and Battery Protection

The Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike offers a comfortable riding position, allowing riders to maintain an upright and relaxed posture while riding. This riding position is particularly suitable for riders who prefer using the throttle function exclusively. Additionally, the bike’s battery compartment provides essential protection for the battery, ensuring its longevity and optimal performance.

Competition and Conclusion

Competition from Other Models

The Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike faces competition from other models in the e-bike market, such as the Ariel Rider Kepler and the Cstrom Astro Pro. These models offer different features and designs, catering to various rider preferences and needs. Riders interested in purchasing the Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike should consider comparing it to these competing models to find the best fit for their requirements.

Overall Performance and Features

In conclusion, the Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike offers a compelling combination of performance and features. With its stylish moped-like design, clean lines, and attractive frame cutouts, the bike stands out visually. The different price options make it accessible to riders with varying budgets, while the battery size variations cater to different riding styles and distances. The high-quality seat ensures a comfortable ride, and the built-in turn signals and rear light enhance safety. The informative display screen and bright front headlight provide essential information and improve visibility. The 750W motor with decent power delivers enjoyable rides, and the bike’s performance on hills highlights its climbing capabilities. The hydraulic disc brakes and walking mode contribute to rider safety and convenience. The front and rear fenders protect riders from splashes, and the comfortable handlebar grips enhance comfort. While cable management could be improved, the overall design remains clean and aesthetically pleasing. The comfortable riding position and battery protection further enhance the bike’s appeal. Taking into account the competition from other models, the Ride1Up Revv 1 E-Bike presents a favorable balance of performance, features, and value for money, making it a worthy option for any e-bike enthusiast.