The Burchda RX80: The Cheapest Full Suspension Ebike Available

Introducing the Burchda RX80, the most affordable full suspension ebike on the market. Packed with impressive features and a surprisingly large battery, this fat tire electric bike offers great value for its price. From its 750 watt motor and 17.5 amp hour battery pack to its dual crown forks and dual disc brakes, the Burchda RX80 is designed for everyday riding and gentle trail adventures. With additional accessories included and a range of approximately 50 miles, this bike is a fantastic choice for those seeking an affordable yet high-performing electric bike.

TailHappyTV has provided a comprehensive review of the Burchda RX80, highlighting its capabilities and mentioning its few shortcomings. The review covers everything from performance testing to riding experiences on different terrains. With its impressive specifications, durability, and great value for money, this full suspension fat tire electric bike is definitely worth considering for both casual riders and adventure enthusiasts. Check out the full review by TailHappyTV for more details and make an informed decision about your next electric bike purchase.


Introduction to the Burchda RX80

If you’re in the market for a full suspension fat tire electric bike, the Burchda RX80 might be the perfect option for you. This bike is known for being incredibly affordable while still offering some impressive features. Let’s dive into the details and see if it lives up to the hype.

Features and Specifications

The Burchda RX80 packs a punch with its 750-watt motor, which can reach up to 1000 watts at peak performance. With a 17.5 amp-hour battery pack, you’ll have plenty of power to tackle long rides. The bike features dual crown forks, which provide stability and strength, and dual disc brakes for reliable stopping power. It even comes with accessories like a tire pump, bike lock, phone holder, and mirror.

Affordability and Value

One of the biggest selling points of the Burchda RX80 is its affordable price. For just $1399, you can get a full suspension fat tire electric bike that offers great performance and features. Considering the price, the value you get with this bike is hard to beat. Let’s see how it holds up in terms of design, performance, and riding experience.

Design and Construction

Frame and Suspension

The Burchda RX80 features a 6061 Alloy Mig pulse welded frame, which provides durability and strength. This frame is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday riding and some gentle trail riding. The rear suspension setup, with its triangle design and shock, offers a smooth and comfortable ride. While it may not be suitable for hardcore mountain biking, it is perfect for everyday use.

Dual Crown Forks

The bike comes equipped with dual crown forks, which add stability and strength to the front end. This feature is especially useful for off-roading, as it provides better handling and control. The gold stanchions give the bike a sleek and stylish look, and the compression adjustment allows for customization based on your preferences.

Dual Disc Brakes

With dual hydraulic disc brakes, the Burchda RX80 delivers excellent stopping power. These brakes are reliable and responsive, ensuring your safety while riding. Although the 160mm rotors may be smaller than preferred for a bike of this weight, they still perform well and get the job done.

Accessories and Optional Features

The Burchda RX80 comes with some handy accessories, including a tire pump, bike lock, phone holder, and mirror. These additions enhance the convenience and functionality of the bike. Additionally, there are optional features like front lights and fenders, which can be added to customize the bike’s appearance.

Ergonomics and Adjustability

The bike is designed for comfort with its ergonomic hand grips, adjustable seat, and stem. The quick-release levers make it easy to adjust the seat and handlebars to find the perfect riding position. This feature is especially important for those who plan on spending long hours in the saddle.

Performance and Range

Motor Power and Battery Capacity

With its 750-watt motor and 17.5 amp-hour battery pack, the Burchda RX80 offers impressive power and range. The motor provides quick acceleration and smooth operation. The battery capacity allows for extended rides without worrying about running out of power. This bike is suitable for various terrains and offers a thrilling riding experience.

Charging Time and Range

The included three-amp charger ensures that the battery charges quickly, typically taking around 5.5 hours to reach full capacity. The range of the bike may vary depending on riding conditions, but under normal circumstances, it can reach approximately 50 miles on a single charge. This is more than enough for most riders’ needs.

Top Speed and Acceleration

The Burchda RX80 can reach a top speed of 28 mph, which is impressive for an electric bike of this price range. The acceleration is smooth and responsive, thanks to the powerful motor. This bike is perfect for those who enjoy a little speed and excitement during their rides.

Throttle Response and Speedometer Readings

The quarter twist throttle on the Burchda RX80 offers immediate response, adding to the bike’s fun factor. However, there may be some confusion regarding the speedometer readings. It’s important to note that the bike is classified as a class three electric bike, which typically limits the throttle to 20 mph. Despite this, many riders report no issues with using the throttle beyond that limit.

Riding Experience

Handling and Steering

The Burchda RX80 offers solid handling and steering capabilities. The dual crown forks and rear suspension contribute to a smooth and stable ride, even on rough terrains. However, some riders have mentioned that the bike’s steering can feel heavy, possibly due to the additional accessories or tires. Overall, the bike feels well-balanced and reliable.

Climbing and Off-Road Performance

While the Burchda RX80 is not designed for hardcore mountain biking, it performs well as a hill climber and on off-road trails. The motor’s power and torque allow for effective climbing without much effort. The full suspension and fat tires make it easy to navigate through rough terrains, providing a comfortable and controlled experience.

Braking Performance

The dual hydraulic disc brakes on the Burchda RX80 are highly praised for their excellent performance. They offer reliable stopping power and responsiveness, ensuring your safety during rides. Whether you’re riding on the road or off-road, these brakes will give you the confidence you need to navigate any situation.

Suitability for Trail Riding

The Burchda RX80 is an excellent choice for gentle trail riding. While it may not be suitable for extreme mountain biking, it can handle mild dirt trails and gravel paths without any issues. The bike’s suspension and fat tires provide the necessary comfort and traction to tackle various terrains.

Sand and Hill Climbing

The Burchda RX80 performs admirably on sand and is great for riding on flat surfaces. The fat tires provide excellent grip and stability, allowing the bike to navigate through sand effortlessly. However, the bike may struggle a bit if you slow down too much on sandy terrains. As for hill climbing, the bike’s powerful motor and torque make it a breeze to conquer inclines.

Review Commentary

Reviewer’s Experience and Perspective

The reviewer of the Burchda RX80 electric bike presents their experience and perspective on riding the bike. They share their thoughts on various aspects, including the bike’s features and performance. Their review aims to provide an honest and comprehensive assessment for potential buyers.

Bike’s Features and Performance

The reviewer takes a closer look at the features of the Burchda RX80, highlighting its dual crown fork, 17.5 amp-hour battery pack, and 750-watt hub motor (with a peak performance of 1000 watts). They mention the bike’s decent performance as a hill climber and on sand, making it versatile for different terrains. The bike’s price point of $1400 is considered a great deal, especially considering the additional features like mirrors and a phone holder.

Price and Additional Features

The reviewer acknowledges the affordable price of the Burchda RX80 and emphasizes its value for the features it offers. They compare it to other bikes in the market and showcase how the RX80 stands out in terms of price and performance. The optional features like front lights and fenders are discussed, mentioning that they can enhance the bike’s appearance and functionality.

Previous Motor Issue and Resolution

In the review, the reviewer briefly mentions a previous issue with the motor. However, they reassure viewers that the problem was resolved by the company. This highlights the manufacturer’s commitment to customer satisfaction and ensures potential buyers that any issues will be addressed promptly.

Range and Battery Life

The range of the Burchda RX80 is mentioned, stating that it can reach around 50 miles under normal riding conditions. The reviewer highlights that the actual range may vary depending on how the bike is ridden. It’s important for potential buyers to consider their riding habits and expectations regarding battery life.


Overall Assessment of the Burchda RX80

In conclusion, the Burchda RX80 offers an impressive package of features and performance at an affordable price. With its powerful motor, large battery capacity, and solid construction, this electric bike is a great option for everyday riding and gentle trail adventures. The bike’s design, range, and accessories make it a versatile choice for riders of all skill levels.

Recommendation for Potential Buyers

For those in the market for a full suspension fat tire electric bike, the Burchda RX80 is highly recommended. Its combination of affordability and features make it a worthwhile investment. Whether you’re looking for a bike for commuting or exploring off-road trails, the RX80 delivers on performance and value.

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