The Bandit X-Trail Pro: A Powerful Moped-Style Electric Bike with Dual Motors and Dual Batteries

In this article, discover the Bandit X-Trail Pro, a moped-style electric bike with dual motors and dual batteries. This powerful bike is compared to the Ariel Rider Grizzly and Rumble Apex and boasts a top speed of 38 mph. It offers various driving modes, including pedal assist and throttle mode, and features like NFC unlock and a color screen display. With a comfortable seating position and ergonomic handlebars, this bike provides an enjoyable riding experience. However, the bike’s weight and small wheels can affect its handling, particularly on sandy terrain. Priced at around $2700, this e-bike offers great value with its impressive acceleration, torque, and range provided by the high-capacity batteries. So, if you’re looking for a beast of an electric bike that can handle hills and high speeds, the Bandit X-Trail Pro might be the perfect choice for you.

The reviewer in the accompanying video by TailHappyTV takes you on a detailed tour of the Bandit X-Trail Pro, highlighting its key features, performance, and specifications. They showcase the bike’s NFC unlock feature, multiple driving modes, hydraulic brakes, and suspension system. They also demonstrate the bike’s power on hills, off-road capability, and high-speed performance with both motors engaged. Additionally, the reviewer mentions the battery capacity, price, and provides a link to purchase the bike. They appreciate any support through affiliate links and ask for likes, comments, and support for future videos. Overall, this article and video review give you a comprehensive understanding of the Bandit X-Trail Pro and help you determine whether it’s the right e-bike for you.

Overview of the Bandit X-Trail Pro

The Bandit X-Trail Pro is a moped-style electric bike that stands out in the market with its dual motors and dual batteries. It is often compared to other e-bikes like the Ariel Rider Grizzly and Rumble Apex. With a top speed of 38 mph, this bike offers a thrilling riding experience. One of its unique features is the different driving modes, allowing riders to customize their experience. This bike also comes with features like NFC unlock and a color screen display.

Motor and Battery Specifications

The Bandit X-Trail Pro is equipped with a powerful 1000 watt motor in the back and a 500 watt motor up front. However, the production version of the bike will have a slightly less powerful 750 watt motor up front. As for the batteries, the bike currently has a 15 amp hour battery pack on the rear. This distribution of weight affects the bike’s handling and stability. Riders can expect impressive performance and a reliable power source.

Features and Performance

The Bandit X-Trail Pro offers a range of features to enhance the riding experience. It is equipped with hydraulic brakes and seven gears, allowing for precise and smooth braking and gear shifting. The bike also features a dual crown fork with front and rear suspension, ensuring a comfortable ride even on rough terrain. Additionally, the bike offers different pedal assist modes and speeds, allowing riders to choose the level of assistance they desire. The Bandit X-Trail Pro is designed to perform well in various conditions and deliver a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Off-Road Capabilities

With rear-wheel drive and a throttle mode for fast speeds, the Bandit X-Trail Pro is highly capable off-road. It is suited for adventurous riders who enjoy exploring off the beaten path. The bike’s dual motors provide high-speed performance when both are engaged. The bike handles well on sand and off-road terrain, making it a versatile option for those seeking an off-road e-bike.

Pedal Assist and Suspension

Pedal assist is a key feature of the Bandit X-Trail Pro, offering numerous advantages. Riders can reach speeds of just under 19 mph with the help of pedal assist, which is an efficient and eco-friendly mode. The bike’s improved pedaling position ensures a comfortable riding experience for longer journeys. The seating position is designed to provide maximum comfort, and the ergonomic handlebars allow for easy maneuverability. The suspension system on this bike is effective at handling bumps, providing a smooth ride even on rough terrain.

Impressive Acceleration and Torque

The Bandit X-Trail Pro excels in acceleration and torque, making it a powerful and capable e-bike. It performs exceptionally well on hills, ensuring riders can conquer steep inclines with ease. The bike’s high-speed capabilities allow for an exhilarating riding experience, while its performance on sand is commendable. There is also a hidden feature or aspect of the bike that adds an element of surprise and further showcases its impressive capabilities.

Brakes and Stability

Equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, the Bandit X-Trail Pro delivers strong and responsive braking power. The brakes are similar to those found in motorcycles, offering a high level of confidence and control. The main limiting factor for the brakes is the traction between the tires and the ground, which should be taken into consideration when riding. Despite weighing around 120 pounds, the bike offers excellent stability in windy conditions. It handles inclines and strong winds with ease, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride.

Battery Capacity and Range

The Bandit X-Trail Pro boasts a large battery capacity, providing riders with ample power for their journeys. With a substantial range, riders can travel long distances without worrying about running out of battery. The bike offers good value for its price point, making it an attractive option for those seeking a reliable and high-performance electric bike. Interested buyers can find a link to purchase the bike in the description.


In conclusion, the Bandit X-Trail Pro is an impressive moped-style electric bike with dual motors and dual batteries. It offers excellent performance and a wide range of features that enhance the riding experience. With its top speed of 38 mph, different driving modes, and off-road capabilities, this bike is a powerhouse. The Bandit X-Trail Pro is designed for comfort, stability, and reliability, making it a great choice for riders in search of a high-quality electric bike. Support for the channel is appreciated through likes, comments, and purchasing through the provided link.