Jersey Shore Cruises: Cape May’s Must-Visit Bike Rental Spots?

Have you ever visited Cape May, a charming coastal town on the Jersey Shore? If not, you’re in for a treat, because in this article, we will take you on a virtual tour of Cape May’s must-visit bike rental spots. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist looking for a new adventure or a leisurely rider wanting to explore the picturesque surroundings, these bike rental spots are perfect for everyone. From scenic coastal routes to historical landmarks, you’ll definitely want to pack your helmet and hit the road in Cape May!

Bike Rental Shops in Cape May

Looking to explore the beautiful coastal town of Cape May on two wheels? You’re in luck! Cape May is home to several fantastic bike rental shops that offer a wide variety of bikes for all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a novice rider, these shops have something for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at three of the best bike rental spots in Cape May.

One Stop Bike Shop

Located in the heart of Cape May, One Stop Bike Shop is a convenient and trusted rental spot for locals and tourists alike. This family-owned business has been serving the community for years, and their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in every aspect of their operation.

When it comes to bike selection, One Stop Bike Shop has you covered. They offer a range of bikes, including cruiser bikes for a relaxing ride along the beach, hybrid bikes for a mix of road and trail riding, tandem bikes for couples in search of a unique experience, electric bikes for an effortless ride, mountain bikes for off-road adventures, kids bikes for the little ones, and even tricycles for those who prefer three wheels.

Cape May Bike Shop

Another top-notch bike rental shop in Cape May is the Cape May Bike Shop. Located just a short distance from the beach, this shop is a popular choice among tourists who want to explore the town and its surroundings on a bike. Cape May Bike Shop prides itself on providing high-quality bikes and excellent customer service.

At Cape May Bike Shop, you’ll find a wide range of bike options to suit your preferences. If you’re looking for a leisurely ride along the coast, their cruiser bikes are perfect. For those who prefer a versatile bike that can handle both pavement and off-road terrain, their hybrid bikes are a great choice. They also offer tandem bikes, electric bikes, mountain bikes, kids bikes, and tricycles to cater to every rider’s needs.

Harbor Bike & Beach Shop

Located near the Cape May Harbor, Harbor Bike & Beach Shop is a popular destination for beachgoers and cycling enthusiasts. With a prime location and a vast selection of well-maintained bikes, this shop is a go-to choice for those looking to explore Cape May’s scenic beauty.

Harbor Bike & Beach Shop offers a range of bikes for rent, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Their cruiser bikes are perfect for leisurely rides along the shoreline, while their hybrid bikes are great for longer and more adventurous rides. If you’re in the mood for a unique experience, you can opt for a tandem bike. They also have electric bikes, mountain bikes, kids bikes, and tricycles available for rental.

Location and Contact Information

To make it easier for you to find and get in touch with these bike rental shops, here is their location and contact information:

One Stop Bike Shop

Cape May Bike Shop

Harbor Bike & Beach Shop

Types of Bikes Available

When it comes to finding the perfect bike for your Cape May adventure, these rental shops offer a broad selection to choose from. Here are the types of bikes available at each shop:

Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser bikes are a classic and popular choice for exploring Cape May’s charming streets and scenic beachfront. With their comfortable seating position, wide handlebars, and relaxed riding style, cruiser bikes are ideal for leisurely rides and soaking in the coastal views. All three rental shops offer cruiser bikes in various sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for riders of any stature.

Hybrid Bikes

If you’re looking for a more versatile option that can handle both paved roads and off-road trails, hybrid bikes are a great choice. These bikes blend the characteristics of a road bike and a mountain bike, offering a comfortable and efficient riding experience. One Stop Bike Shop, Cape May Bike Shop, and Harbor Bike & Beach Shop all have hybrid bikes available for rent, allowing you to explore Cape May’s diverse terrain with ease.

Tandem Bikes

For couples or friends looking for a unique and fun biking experience, tandem bikes are an excellent option. These bikes allow two riders to pedal together, creating a synchronized and enjoyable ride. Whether you’re strolling along the beach or exploring the town, renting a tandem bike can add an extra level of excitement to your Cape May adventure. All three rental shops offer tandem bikes for those seeking a memorable biking experience.

Electric Bikes

If you’re looking for a more effortless and enjoyable cycling experience, electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, are the way to go. These bikes are equipped with a small electric motor that provides an extra boost of power when needed, making hills and long distances feel like a breeze. Whether you want to save your energy for exploring or simply enjoy a leisurely ride without breaking a sweat, One Stop Bike Shop, Cape May Bike Shop, and Harbor Bike & Beach Shop all offer electric bikes for rent.

Mountain Bikes

For the adventure seekers and off-road enthusiasts, mountain bikes are the perfect choice. Cape May and its surrounding areas have various trails and paths that are perfect for mountain biking. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, renting a mountain bike allows you to explore the more rugged terrains that Cape May has to offer. One Stop Bike Shop, Cape May Bike Shop, and Harbor Bike & Beach Shop have a selection of mountain bikes available for those seeking an adrenaline-fueled adventure.

Kids Bikes

For families with children, all three rental shops offer kids’ bikes designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for the little ones. Whether it’s their first time on a bike or they’re already experienced riders, these rental shops have a range of kids’ bikes available in various sizes to accommodate children of all ages. Let your kids join in on the fun and explore Cape May alongside you.


For those who prefer a more stable and comfortable ride, tricycles are an excellent option. With an extra wheel, tricycles provide added balance and stability, making them perfect for those who may not feel confident on a traditional bike. Harbor Bike & Beach Shop offers tricycles for rent, allowing individuals of all abilities to enjoy the beauty of Cape May on three wheels.

Rental Rates and Duration

When it comes to renting bikes in Cape May, it’s essential to consider the rental rates and duration options available. Each rental shop offers various rates and durations to accommodate different needs and preferences. Here are the options you can expect:

Hourly Rentals

If you’re only planning a short outing or want to explore Cape May at a leisurely pace, hourly rentals are a convenient choice. One Stop Bike Shop, Cape May Bike Shop, and Harbor Bike & Beach Shop all offer hourly rental options, allowing you to enjoy the town and its surroundings without committing to a longer rental period.

Half-Day Rentals

For those who want a bit more time on their bikes, half-day rentals are a popular choice. Whether you’re planning to spend the morning or afternoon exploring Cape May, these rental shops provide affordable half-day rental rates that give you a few extra hours of biking pleasure.

Full-Day Rentals

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of Cape May and spend the entire day on your bike, full-day rentals are the way to go. All three rental shops offer full-day rental options, allowing you to take your time and discover all that Cape May has to offer at your own pace.

Weekly Rentals

For an extended stay or those looking to explore Cape May over multiple days, weekly rentals are an excellent choice. Renting a bike for a week gives you the flexibility to come and go as you please, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the town’s charm and explore its surrounding areas.

Season-long Rentals

If you’re lucky enough to spend the entire summer in Cape May, you may consider a season-long rental. Harbor Bike & Beach Shop offers season-long bike rentals, allowing you unlimited access to a bike for the duration of your stay. This option is perfect for locals or long-term vacationers who want the ultimate biking experience throughout the entire season.

Safety Equipment

When embarking on a biking adventure, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. All three bike rental shops in Cape May understand this and provide the necessary safety equipment to ensure a fun and secure ride. Here are the safety equipment and accessories you can expect:


Wearing a helmet is a must when riding a bike, regardless of your location or skill level. One Stop Bike Shop, Cape May Bike Shop, and Harbor Bike & Beach Shop offer helmets in various sizes to fit riders of all ages. Whether you’re exploring the town, riding along the coast, or venturing off-road, don’t forget to wear your helmet to protect yourself in case of a fall or collision.

Bike Locks

Securing your bike when you need to step away is essential to prevent theft. All three rental shops provide bike locks so you can safely park your bike and enjoy Cape May’s many attractions, shops, and restaurants without worrying about its security. Make sure to lock your bike properly using the provided bike locks whenever you need to leave it unattended.

Reflective Gear

When riding your bike, especially during low light conditions or at night, it’s crucial to maximize your visibility to motorists and pedestrians. Reflective gear, such as vests, armbands, or ankle straps, help increase your visibility and reduce the risk of accidents. One Stop Bike Shop, Cape May Bike Shop, and Harbor Bike & Beach Shop offer reflective gear options to ensure you’re visible to others while enjoying your biking adventure.

Baskets and Storage Options

If you plan on carrying personal items during your bike rides, such as a picnic lunch or beach gear, having a basket or storage option can be incredibly convenient. One Stop Bike Shop, Cape May Bike Shop, and Harbor Bike & Beach Shop all offer bikes with baskets or storage options to accommodate your needs. Whether you need to store a small bag or a picnic basket, you can easily transport your belongings while enjoying your ride.

Child Seats and Trailers

If you’re riding with young children, it’s crucial to provide them with a safe and comfortable space on the bike. All three rental shops offer child seats and trailers that allow you to bring your little one along for the adventure. These seats and trailers are specially designed to ensure the safety and comfort of young passengers, giving you peace of mind as you explore Cape May together.

Guided Bike Tours

If you want to explore Cape May’s highlights and learn more about the town’s history, culture, and natural wonders, consider joining a guided bike tour. All three rental shops offer guided bike tours led by knowledgeable and experienced guides who are passionate about Cape May. Here are some of the guided bike tours available:

Cape May Lighthouse Tour

Take a ride to the iconic Cape May Lighthouse, a historic landmark that has been guiding ships since 1859. This tour will not only provide you with breathtaking views from the top of the lighthouse but also give you insights into its fascinating history and significance. With a knowledgeable guide leading the way, you’ll learn about Cape May’s maritime heritage and the lighthouse’s role in keeping sailors safe throughout the years.

Historic District Tour

Embark on a journey through Cape May’s charming historic district, known for its stunning Victorian architecture and well-preserved buildings. This tour will take you on a ride through tree-lined streets, past picturesque houses, and provide you with interesting historical facts about the town. With a guide sharing stories and anecdotes, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of Cape May’s rich history and cultural significance.

Nature and Wildlife Tour

Cape May is home to an incredible assortment of natural attractions and diverse wildlife. Join a nature and wildlife tour to explore coastal landscapes, wetlands, and nature reserves that are teeming with life. During this tour, you’ll have the opportunity to spot various bird species, observe unique ecosystems, and learn about the importance of conservation efforts in the area. With a guide who is well-versed in the local flora and fauna, you’ll have an unforgettable and educational experience.

Sunset Beach Tour

Experience the beauty of a Cape May sunset on a guided tour to Sunset Beach. Ride along the coast and witness the vibrant colors as the sun dips below the horizon. This tour will not only provide you with a stunning view but also offer interesting insights into the area’s natural beauty and maritime history. With a knowledgeable guide leading the way, you’ll have the opportunity to capture breathtaking photos and create lasting memories.

Joining a guided bike tour allows you to explore Cape May’s hidden gems, learn from local experts, and discover the town’s unique charm in a fun and educational way.

Promotions and Discounts

To make your biking experience even more enjoyable, all three rental shops offer various promotions and discounts. Here are some of the deals you can take advantage of:

Group Discounts

If you’re traveling with a group, you can enjoy special discounted rates when renting bikes from One Stop Bike Shop, Cape May Bike Shop, and Harbor Bike & Beach Shop. Whether it’s a family reunion, a corporate outing, or a group of friends, renting bikes together not only enhances the experience but also helps you save money.

Military and Veteran Discounts

As a token of appreciation for their service, all three rental shops offer exclusive discounts to active and retired military personnel. Whether you’re a current member of the armed forces or a veteran, you can enjoy reduced rental rates and make the most of your time exploring Cape May on a bike.

Senior Discounts

Seniors looking to enjoy Cape May’s beauty on two wheels can take advantage of special discounts offered by One Stop Bike Shop, Cape May Bike Shop, and Harbor Bike & Beach Shop. These discounts ensure that seniors can enjoy the town’s charm and stay active without breaking the bank.

Package Deals with Local Attractions and Restaurants

To enhance your Cape May experience, all three rental shops offer package deals in partnership with local attractions and restaurants. These packages give you the opportunity to combine bike rentals with other popular activities or enjoy discounts at local eateries. Whether it’s a visit to a museum, a kayak adventure, or a delicious meal at a nearby restaurant, these packages provide added value and cater to various interests.

Tips for a Fun and Safe Biking Experience

To ensure a fun and safe biking experience in Cape May, here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

Plan Your Route Beforehand

Before setting off on your biking adventure, take some time to plan your route. Familiarize yourself with the town’s bike-friendly paths and trails, and identify any attractions or points of interest you’d like to visit along the way. Planning your route in advance will help you make the most of your time and ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Observe Traffic Rules

Biking in Cape May requires following the same traffic rules and regulations as driving a car. Stop at red lights and stop signs, yield to pedestrians, and signal your intentions when turning. By obeying the rules of the road, you’ll not only ensure your safety but also set a good example for others.

Stay Visible and Use Hand Signals

To ensure that motorists and pedestrians can see you, it’s important to stay visible while riding your bike. Wear bright and reflective clothing, especially if you’re riding during low light conditions or at night. Additionally, use hand signals to indicate your intentions when turning or changing lanes. By staying visible and using hand signals, you’ll help others anticipate your actions and reduce the likelihood of any accidents.

Stay Hydrated and Carry Snacks

Biking can be a physically demanding activity, especially under the sun. It’s crucial to stay hydrated by carrying a water bottle and taking regular sips throughout your ride. Additionally, consider packing some snacks to keep your energy levels up. Granola bars or fruits are portable and provide a quick boost when needed.

Be Mindful of Pedestrians and Other Cyclists

Cape May’s streets and paths may be shared by pedestrians and other cyclists. It’s important to be mindful of others and share the space responsibly. Slow down when passing pedestrians, announce your presence if necessary, and give them plenty of room. When encountering other cyclists, signal your intention to pass and wait for a safe opportunity to overtake them. Being respectful and considerate towards others ensures a harmonious and safe biking experience for everyone.

Check for Bike-Friendly Paths and Trails

Cape May boasts numerous bike-friendly paths and trails that allow you to explore the town and its surroundings away from traffic. Check for these paths and trails before planning your route to make the most of your biking adventure. Riding on dedicated paths provides a more enjoyable and safer experience, away from busy roads.

Inspect the Bike and Equipment Before Riding

Before embarking on your Cape May biking adventure, it’s essential to inspect the bike and equipment provided by the rental shop. Check the brakes, ensure that the tires are properly inflated, and test the gears. Familiarize yourself with the bike’s operation, including how to adjust the seat height and use any additional features. If any issues or concerns arise, don’t hesitate to reach out to the rental shop for assistance.

Additional Bike Services

In addition to bike rentals, the three shops in Cape May offer a range of additional bike services to enhance your biking experience. These services include:

Bike Repairs and Maintenance

If your own bike needs repair or maintenance while in Cape May, all three rental shops offer repair and maintenance services. Their experienced technicians can address various issues, from flat tires to brake adjustments, ensuring that your bike is in top condition for your rides.

Bike Accessories and Gear

If you’re looking to enhance your biking experience or need additional gear, all three rental shops offer a selection of bike accessories for sale. From bike lights and bells to water bottle holders and bike racks, you’ll find everything you need to make your ride even more enjoyable and convenient.

Custom Bike Build and Fitting

If you’re in the market for a new bike or interested in a custom-built bike, Cape May Bike Shop offers custom bike build and fitting services. Their knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process, ensuring that your new bike is tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re a casual rider or a serious cyclist, a custom bike ensures the perfect fit and performance.

Benefits of Exploring Cape May by Bike

Exploring Cape May by bike offers numerous benefits that enhance your overall experience. Here are some of the advantages of exploring this charming coastal town on two wheels:

Experience the Local Charm and Scenic Beauty

Biking allows you to immerse yourself fully in Cape May’s local charm and scenic beauty. As you pedal through its streets, you’ll have the opportunity to appreciate the town’s stunning Victorian architecture, picturesque beaches, and captivating shoreline views. Biking allows you to take in the sights, sounds, and smells of Cape May in a way that’s simply not possible from inside a car.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

Choosing to explore Cape May by bike is not only a fun and healthy option but also an eco-friendly one. Biking produces zero emissions, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and minimize your impact on the environment. By opting for two wheels instead of four, you’re making a positive contribution to Cape May’s sustainability efforts.

Avoid Traffic and Parking Issues

One of the biggest advantages of exploring Cape May by bike is avoiding the traffic and parking issues that can often arise, especially during peak tourist seasons. Biking allows you to navigate through the town’s narrow streets, easily access popular attractions, and park your bike without the hassle of searching for a parking spot. You’ll spend less time stuck in traffic or circling for parking and more time enjoying all that Cape May has to offer.

Health and Fitness Benefits

Biking is an excellent form of exercise that provides numerous health and fitness benefits. Whether you’re leisurely pedaling along the beach or navigating more challenging terrains, biking engages multiple muscle groups and improves cardiovascular fitness. It’s a low-impact activity that is gentle on the joints and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels. By choosing to explore Cape May by bike, you’re not only having fun but also improving your overall health and well-being.

Flexibility to Discover Hidden Gems

Biking gives you the flexibility to discover hidden gems and explore areas that may be inaccessible by car. Cape May is full of charming streets, quaint neighborhoods, and off-the-beaten-path attractions waiting to be discovered. By hopping on a bike, you can venture off the main roads, take detours, and stumble upon unexpected treasures that you may have otherwise missed. Biking allows you to create your own unique Cape May adventure and make serendipitous discoveries along the way.

Family-Friendly Activity

Biking is a family-friendly activity that provides an opportunity for shared experiences and quality time together. Cape May’s bike-friendly paths and gentle terrain make it an ideal destination for families with children. Renting bikes for the entire family allows you to explore the town together, create lasting memories, and enjoy the beauty of Cape May in a way that’s fun for everyone.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring Cape May by bike offers a unique and memorable experience. From the local charm and scenic beauty to the health and fitness benefits, biking allows you to fully immerse yourself in all that Cape May has to offer. So grab a bike, explore the town at your own pace, and create unforgettable memories along the way.