A Review of the Tenways CGO600 Pro Electric Bike

The review I’m about to share with you is all about the Tenways CGO600 Pro electric bike. It’s an upgraded version of the original CGO600, which the reviewer absolutely loved. They put the Pro model to the test in various conditions, including hill tests, rain, and different terrains. With a powerful rear hub motor, a larger removable battery, and features like hydraulic disc brakes and an integrated front light, this bike seems to have it all. The reviewer found it easy to ride and praised its performance on hills. They also discussed the bike’s weight, lack of gears, and the bionic-like riding experience it provides. Whether you’re looking for an electric bike for hilly areas or flat terrain, this review will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Overview of the Tenways CGO600 Pro Electric Bike

Introduction to the Tenways CGO600 Pro

The Tenways CGO600 Pro is the upgraded version of the popular CGO600 electric bike. It features a 250 rear hub motor with 40 Newton meters of torque, providing a top speed of 15.5 mph (20 mph for the US version). The bike is built with a sturdy 6061 Aerospace aluminum frame and comes in three different sizes to accommodate different heights. The Pro model has a larger removable battery with a claimed range of 100 kilometers (62 miles), making it suitable for longer rides. It also features a single-speed Gates Carbon belt drive and puncture-resistant tires for a low-maintenance and smooth riding experience.

Reviewer’s Excitement to Try the Upgraded Version

The reviewer had previously reviewed the Tenways CGO600 and was highly impressed with it. When the upgraded CGO600 Pro was announced, the reviewer was excited to try it out and see how it compared to its predecessor. With the promise of improved features and performance, the reviewer was eager to put the bike through its paces and share their findings with the audience.

Testing the Bike in Various Conditions

To provide a comprehensive review, the reviewer extensively tested the Tenways CGO600 Pro in various conditions. They tested the bike on different terrains, including hills and flat surfaces. They also tested the bike in the rain to see how it performed in wet conditions. By testing the bike in various scenarios, the reviewer was able to assess its performance and capabilities.

Key Specifications of the Bike

The Tenways CGO600 Pro boasts several key specifications that make it stand out. In addition to its powerful 250 rear hub motor and 40 Newton meters of torque, the bike features a single-speed Gates Carbon belt drive for a smooth and low-maintenance ride. The bike also comes with hydraulic disc brakes, an integrated front light, and aluminum alloy mudguards for added convenience and safety. With a net weight of 16kg (18kg with accessories), the CGO600 Pro strikes a balance between being lightweight and durable.

Performance and Features

Patented Clutch Hub Motor

One of the standout features of the Tenways CGO600 Pro is its patented clutch hub motor. This motor reduces friction, even when the bike is turned off, resulting in increased gliding distance. The reviewer found that the clutch provided up to 50% more gliding distance compared to other e-bikes. This feature enhances the overall riding experience and makes it easier to pedal the bike.

Different Assist Levels

The CGO600 Pro offers different assist levels, allowing the rider to choose the level of assistance they prefer. The reviewer found it easy to cycle through the various assist levels and noted that the bike maintained a consistent speed in each mode. This feature provides flexibility for riders who may want more or less support depending on the terrain or their fitness level.

Torque Sensor for a Natural Riding Experience

The bike utilizes a torque sensor to deliver a natural and bionic-like riding experience. The sensor measures the force applied to the pedal and adjusts the motor’s assistance accordingly. This means that the bike responds to the rider’s input, making it feel like an extension of their own body. The reviewer praised this feature, as it provided a seamless and enjoyable riding experience.

Performance on Hills and Flat Terrain

The Tenways CGO600 Pro performed well on both hills and flat terrain, according to the reviewer. They tested the bike on various inclines and found it to be manageable without gears. The powerful motor and torque sensor helped the bike climb hills with relative ease. On flat terrain, the bike maintained a consistent speed and provided a smooth ride.

Responsive Brakes

The CGO600 Pro is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, which the reviewer found to be highly responsive. They demonstrated stopping and starting the bike on a hill, showcasing the effectiveness of the brakes. The responsive braking system instilled confidence in the reviewer, ensuring safe and controlled rides.

Weight and Uphill Riding

Despite weighing 18 kilograms, the Tenways CGO600 Pro proved to be easy to pedal uphill. The motor on the bike contributed to reducing the weight and making uphill riding more manageable. The reviewer highlighted that the bike’s performance on hills was impressive, considering its weight and lack of gears.

Performance on Flat Terrain

The CGO600 Pro performed well on flat terrain, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. The reviewer noted that the bike maintained a consistent speed and handled flat surfaces with ease. This makes it suitable for daily commuting or leisurely rides on paved roads.

OLED Display and Features

Introduction to the OLED Display

The CGO600 Pro is equipped with an OLED display that provides important information to the rider. The reviewer introduced the OLED display and its features, highlighting its functionality and ease of use.

Assist Level and Battery Indicator

The OLED display shows the current assist level, allowing riders to easily adjust the level of assistance they want. It also features a battery indicator, letting riders know how much power is remaining. The reviewer emphasized the convenience of having this information readily available on the display.

Range and Distance Display

The OLED display also shows the range and distance traveled. This feature helps riders plan their trips and gauge how far they can go before needing to recharge the battery. The reviewer found this information to be accurate and reliable during their testing.

Other Notable Features

The OLED display of the CGO600 Pro includes other notable features, such as a speedometer, trip timer, and odometer. These features provide additional information to the rider and enhance their overall riding experience. The reviewer appreciated the inclusion of these features, as they added functionality and convenience to the bike.

Battery and Range Test

Larger Removable Battery

The Tenways CGO600 Pro features a larger removable battery compared to its predecessor. The reviewer highlighted the increased battery size as one of the key improvements of the Pro model. The larger battery pack offers more capacity, allowing for a claimed range of 100 kilometers (62 miles). The removable battery design also adds versatility and convenience to the bike.

Claimed Range and Actual Test

To test the claimed range of the CGO600 Pro, the reviewer conducted a range test. They rode the bike on level three assist until the battery was fully depleted. The test yielded a distance of 63.9 kilometers, which was slightly lower than the claimed range. However, the reviewer noted that the actual range can vary depending on several factors, such as terrain, rider weight, and assist level.

Benefits of the Removable Battery

The reviewer discussed the benefits of having a removable battery on the CGO600 Pro. They highlighted the convenience of being able to remove the battery for charging or storage. The removable battery design also allows riders to have spare batteries, extending their riding range. Additionally, the reviewer mentioned that the battery pack is made with LG cells, ensuring quality and reliability.

Comparison: Tenways CGO600 vs CGO600 Pro

Battery Size

One of the main differences between the Tenways CGO600 and the CGO600 Pro is the battery size. The Pro model features a larger removable battery with a claimed range of 100 kilometers (62 miles). In contrast, the CGO600 has a smaller battery with a shorter range. This difference in battery size provides users with more options and flexibility depending on their riding needs.

Front Light

Another difference between the two models is the presence of an integrated front light on the CGO600 Pro. This feature enhances safety and visibility during night rides or in low-light conditions. The CGO600, on the other hand, does not come with an integrated front light. The inclusion of a front light in the Pro model is a notable improvement.

Seat Post Adjustment

The seat post adjustment mechanism differs between the CGO600 and the CGO600 Pro. The Pro model features an adjustable seat post, allowing riders to easily find their preferred riding position. This feature adds comfort and customization to the riding experience. The CGO600, however, does not have an adjustable seat post, limiting the rider’s ability to fine-tune their riding position.

Tire Width

The tire width is another point of distinction between the CGO600 and the CGO600 Pro. The Pro model has slightly thicker tires compared to the CGO600. The wider tires contribute to a smoother and more comfortable ride, while also providing increased stability and grip on various terrains.

Mud Guards

The CGO600 Pro comes equipped with aluminum alloy mud guards, whereas the CGO600 does not have this feature. The mud guards protect the rider from dirt and water splashes, keeping them clean and dry during rides in wet conditions. This addition of mud guards in the Pro model enhances the bike’s practicality and usability.

Personalization and Recommendations

Choosing between CGO600 and CGO600 Pro

Choosing between the CGO600 and the CGO600 Pro depends on personal preferences and needs. The Pro model offers several upgrades, including a larger battery, integrated front light, adjustable seat post, wider tires, and mud guards. If these features are important to the rider, then the CGO600 Pro would be the recommended choice. However, if the rider values simplicity and a lower price point, the CGO600 is still a reliable and capable electric bike.

Personal Preferences and Needs

To select the right model, riders should consider their personal preferences and needs. Factors such as desired range, terrain, riding conditions, and budget should be taken into account. Additionally, riders should consider whether the added features of the Pro model, such as the integrated front light and adjustable seat post, align with their preferences and enhance their riding experience.

Reviewer’s Transition from CGO600 to CGO600 Pro

The reviewer had experience with the CGO600 and found it to be an outstanding electric bike. Transitioning to the CGO600 Pro was seamless for the reviewer, as they were already familiar with the brand and its features. They appreciated the upgrades and improvements of the Pro model, which enhanced their riding experience and provided additional convenience and functionality.

Answering Audience Questions

The reviewer offered to answer any questions from the audience regarding the Tenways CGO600 and CGO600 Pro. They encouraged viewers to leave any inquiries in the comments section or reach out via social media. By offering to address audience questions, the reviewer aimed to provide additional information and clarity for those interested in the bikes.

Conclusion and Gratitude

In conclusion, the Tenways CGO600 Pro is an impressive electric bike with several notable features and performance capabilities. The reviewer expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to test and review the Pro model, as well as for the support of the audience. They thanked viewers for watching and provided a final overview of the CGO600 Pro, emphasizing its advantages and suitability for various riding needs.